Central Trimmings & Fabrics

Anchor Threads

A. Anchor Tapisserie Wool 20g Hank (40m) Box 6

B. 4238000 10m Skein Box of 10

     4238150 Assortment Bag of 15 r0pcs


Designed specifically for canvas embroidery. Anchor Tapisserie Wool is a hard wearing 4 Ply, pure new wool which is colour-fast and moth proofed. The tight twist minimises fraying when working on canvas and provides regular and controlled cover for the base of the canvas. Anchor Wool comes in 475 colours balanced and 

co-ordinated shades and 20 selected colours for the Background embroidery.

C. Anchor Stranded Cotton

     4535000 8m Skeins   Box of 12 pcs

    Assorted Packs of 50 pcs     

A superior six strand 100% long staple mercerised cotton embroidery thread available in 460 colours balanced and co-ordinated shades. Anchor stranded cotton is the most versatile embroidery thread, it is divisible into separate strands and can be used for freestyle and counted thread embroidery and is particularly popular for Cross Stitch 

D.  Anchor Stranded Multicolour

 4615000 8m Skein  Box of 12 pcs 

Anchor Stranded Multicolour is also available in 12 multicoloured shades.We also stock a Trebla and Goodwear Skanes which are very popular.  Please enquire for Details!