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Sewing Needles (Milward)

 A) City Pack Assortment A1000        45 Needles And Threader
 B) Craft Needle Pack  A1002           33 Assorted Needles 
 C) Hand Sewing Assortment A1001       25 Needles And Threader
 D) Handy Needle Assortment A1422
     5 Assorted
   * 1 Upholstery
   * 1 Glovers
   * 1 Sail
   * 1 Chenille
   * 1 Sack
  E) Handy Craft Needle Assortment A1123 
     10 Assorted
   * 5 Embroidery
   * 2 Tappestry 
   * 2 Chenille
   * 1 Curtain Material
  F) Needle Compact A1248      25 Assorted Sizes

 Cheaper varity of hand sewing Needles available

 Please enquire for details! 

 Sewing Basket 


55p per single Pack  £4.50 pack of 10

 Sharps Sewing Needles

  Single pack 35p each  

   Pack of 10pcs  £1.85p


Lesure Hand Sewing needles

Come in Packs of 10 pcs

Please enquire for prices and availability 

We stock a wide selection of sewing needles please telephone for availability

Also stock Needles Threaders, and much more