Central Trimmings & Fabrics

Wooden Bead Jewellery 


We Have a large range of high gloss wooden bead Jewellery from our own beads

We also stock a wide variety of beads and Components to make you own designs.

Below are some of the items that are available

Special offer!

if you Buy 200 Bracelets or more. 

Price per bracelet is 65p each.

Retail price per Bracelet is between £1-50 & £3-50 Each

Fantastic offer for Market Traders or shop owners

Please Enquire for Details!

Magnetic Necklace/Bracelet

1 Yard in Length in assorted colours

£4.75p each     38 pcs     reduce to clear  £2.50 each must buy all 38pcs


Magnetic Necklace/Bracelet